Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Relationship Dating

What is relationship dating and how does it differ from "regular" dating? Relationship dating is a fairly new phrase that is brings to mind pictures of a happy couple walking hand in hand along a white sandy beach with the sun setting on the horizon. They met at a "nice" wholesome dating site like Match (don't go there I am being facetious) and are destined to be together until the gods descend from the glorious heavens and blah blah blah.

OK, this is total and absolute bullshit. If you want relationship dating, you had better get it into your head that sex is the motivation of any man with a real pair of cohones. In fact, it has been documented that men who are against such things as rated R movies, and hard core sex, have low testosterone levels, and in many cases, smaller than normal testicles, with low sperm count to boot.

In other words wimps. Real men want sex. Period.

They find their women at manly dating sites, not some wimpy "relationship dating" site. An example of a girlyman relationship dating site: Match, eHarmony, Yahoo Personals, you get the picture.

A real man goes to Adult Friend Finder or Fling. ADULT dating sites. FuckinAAAA!

He goes to these sites because that is where the hot, horny, and yes, REAL women with healthy sex drives frequent. Healthy attractive women LIKE sex! They want you to come on to them and they want you to seduce them. Be a real man and give them what they want! Forget the so called relationship dating concept.

See my reviews for Adult Friend Finder and Fling.

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